Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favourite!

I was looking through old photo's the other day and found this old favourite one of myself, it makes me smile remembering how I was at this age.

I must have been about 7yrs old, and this was my most favourite dress, it was made for me by my Nanna.
I am sure this must of been the start of my interest in fabric's, I still remember how I felt wearing the most fashionista girl on the block!
How about that matching scarf! The funny thing about that is I still like to don a scarf and in my twenties wore them the very same way quite regularly..........aah, memories .

How about the way I'm holding my hand.......I was into classical ballet at the time! but I was not a dainty princess I also loved to collect worms and also used to ride my bike with my self made first aid kit looking for people in 'need', what a funny little me!


  1. You look gorgeous, Eleesa. Amazing shot to have. Love, love, love the way you are holding your hand, it was the first thing I noticed. The fabric on your dress is spectacular to say the least! x

  2. How divine! Love the dress and the looking over your shoulder pose. How lovely to have a little reminder of the funny little you. X

  3. I lOVE this photo, gorgeous colours, and your face, you look so content and 'grown up'!

  4. What a delighful picture, you look so content and truly comfortable in that beautiful great are those colours!?
    It was nice to pop in and visit your space again...

  5. you seem so much older, maybe because you new you were the fashion queen of the district.
    actually I think your Nanna was.

  6. Hello! I found your blog via the delightful Wendy. This photo is just so lovely! You look so confident and grown up for a 7 year old - wonderful what an empowering outfit can do for a gal eh? But what I love most about this post is the thought of you, riding your bike with a self made first aid kit looking for people in need. That is truly sweet!

  7. I adore the dress, the scarf, the pose, the story.... Just gorgeous!