Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pin Cushion Give Away!

This is my little card that I am going to pop in the mail along with a sample pin cushion (very soon) to a few little shops in the hope they want to stock them. They are going to be $8.50 wholesale or $11.00 retail from me (a shop would probably sell them for about $14.00), what do you think? would love some feedback.

The pin cushions are made using vintage & recycled fabrics and buttons and are about 10cm across and about 4cm in depth, in case you were wondering. So to celebrate this bold and scary, put yourself out there move I have a give away......

Attention all who use pins and needles! What more do you need than a cute little pin cushion!

I am going give away three pin cushions that I will make especially for the the winners. "So what do I have to do?" I hear you ask, well just leave a little comment and tell me your favourite colour and if you like bold or pretty, and put a little linky thing on your blog to spread the word! Easy!

The winner will be announced on Wednesday morning, good luck!


  1. I love blue ,yellow,green, orange, red,purple...bit of a 60's 70's child.
    I've loved these little pin cushion guys since I first laid eyes on them...French Market, the Coco's biggest regret was not buying one.
    Sucky enough ????

  2. Good on you for being bold. Your card looks absolutely terrific. Cherrie
    PS I already have my precious pin cushion (and cushion!). The are the best because they are nice and firm.

  3. They are sooo cute, I'm sure they'll sell fast at that price.

    Purple is my favorite colour, turquoise second. I like pretties and vintage florals. I'll post a link. :-)

  4. Wonderful! gutsy move baby.

    Loved today. Nice sewing with you, x

    p.s. I already have one of these gorgeous numbers so....

  5. Wow, I just got back from watching friends make some for the 'swap' I missed out on in blogland. I'd lurve one made just for me! I love vintage fabrics, any colour really, i'd love to be suprised! And i'll keep checking you out, now I know you're into the same stuff as me!

  6. Hey Girl. Just a message to say 'Be bold and go for it!' It's a year for it, I'm finally putting my artwork out there no matter how scared to death I am of rejection. Occasionally I catch my breath just thinking about it:)Your pin cushions are fabulous, I should know I own one and bought 2 for others. This first step is always hard in a new place, it's the fear and that is not real just something we create to stop us doing things. GO FOR IT! xx

  7. you pin cushions are so adorable, they should sell really well... I am a teal person with pretty and tiny...