Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Around our house.....Bonnie's Room

Since moving, way back in August I haven't really shown much of what has been going on around this new place.

So yesterday after I came back from the movies with the boys ( we saw TinTin and yes it is very cool!), I had an urge to rearrange miss Bonnie's room. We decided to wait until holidays, so this was it!

So of course I needed to take pic's to remember how nice it looks tidy ( even though clothes are already on the floor).

I found the old ladder months ago, just a few houses down from us...thrown out for hard rubbish....love it!

Futon...eBay find, Posters...thank you 'frankie' and assorted mags!

Bonnie had saved the map poster....I'm not sure what for, a rainy day perhaps! No, she just didn't know where to put it.....ah she is lucky she has me....aren't you Miss Bonnie girl?! hehe

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  1. Her room looks ace! I love the ladder, I found one too and I'm growing roses on it down the side of the house. Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays..x