Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ok it time to admit it.....I really don't have the time to blog much anymore, I know, sniff sniff...... I feel a bit sad about it as it is something I really enjoy and even needed, when I first started.

But how life changes hey! When I started this blog I had a little baby and was in a little town, not working much.....now that little boy is going to school in a few weeks and we live in a busier area (for us anyway), and I work permanently in a job I love.

Last year I did a few 'spurts' of posting but would get annoyed I couldn't add everything I wanted to.
Yes I know its sad that life gets too busy to really sit now and write and catch up on all the going on's in blog land but it's also a good thing to be busy.

 I'm lucky to be able to still create when I want and stock some goodies in the shop I work  in....treasure the  children I have..... I'm amazed how they are growing up ( I am now Mum's Taxi also)....... Stealing time with my husband when we can....making the moments count.

This is going to be a good year with lots of possibilities, a daughter in yr 10, a son starting high school, another one starting primary, a husband that will finish his nursing course in June and me......mmm, well I feel like doing something for me, maybe take up Zumba and do a little course, paint..........well I'll  see!

                 But I must say I am loving Instagram with all the convenience and quick glances to get inspiration from all those I follow! I have  been happily snapping away now since the start of the school holidays and I'm hooked!

          I 'm thinking I'll may just do a monthly catch up here, bit of a purge or some such thing, ha....... but in the mean time would love to still stay in touch , so feel free to                  follow me on instragram, I'm dorothybills there also and don't forget I have a facebook page!

                                So I guess this is my belated "What I see for the year ahead".........Looking forward to what it may bring!


  1. Hello Elisa, Lovely blog and very sweet pouches. Thanks for the words of wisdom.
    Melissa from Mouse Buttons. xx