Monday, February 4, 2013

Things around here are taking a nice slow start to the's back and I have promised myself to try and continue the feeling of 'summer holidays' throughout the year.
Take each day as it comes, enjoy the little moments, have a glass on wine after work while chatting with my Man as he cooks, listen to my kids and look them in the eye while doing that (not while doing three other things at the same time!) 'Potter' to get jobs around the house getting into a frenzy (not worth it!) Sit in the sun, read more, dance more.....well you get the point and I can only do my best.

So you may be wondering 'what' this blog is now going to be about...then again maybe you are not!
Any way....this is, as was always my visual diary and will continue to be that way.

Life is busy and I want to 'chat' a bit more than I can on instagram (my addiction!).... to myself anyway.

This will be about my kids, my 'find's, what inspires me and my vision....which is to 'Style' (make things pretty, comfortable, livable...with "your own personality" for others). How I can make this happen? Will it work?  Got to take that 'Leap' and see where I fall......

Hope all in blogland are well & happy.......

Our little tomatoes.....tasty!


  1. If only holidays would last longer than they do...sigh.. A visual diary sounds just perfect. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Beautiful tomatoes! Yummm!!

    I'm all for the picture posts and not having a strict 'this is what my blog is'. I love that you can come here and have the freedom to do what you want with your little space of the web. It's lovely and I'll be back soon.... with a cup of tea :)
    Bella @ Sea and Salt